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We hope you find our COTEL website interesting and informative. The aim is to provide information advice and guidance on the wide range of quality wireless technology solutions 4 business / organisations available from COTEL. Our company ethos is based on providing the fundamental principles of: quality CUSTOMER CARE, reliability, efficiency and long term mutually beneficial working relationship with our customers.

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Discuss your requirements with a member of our Engineering Support Team. COTEL can provide a wide range of product advice related to your organisation, which will save time, reduce costs, improve productivity and efficiency within your business. Demonstration equipment can also be provided on a free of charge basis in order to evaluate the Quality of the COTEL equipment and the recommended solution. Any changes required can then be implemented very easily. For further details please call CUSTOMER CARE 08000-960-970.

Bespoke solutions are costed and constructed to meet the individual customer requirements by our engineering design teams, along with Ofcom licence requirements.

COTEL have a unique record over 4 decades of providing wireless technology solutions within the UK, Oman, Pakistan and North Sea Sectors. In addition to a comprehensive product range and versatile solutions, we provide great advice and technical support for all equipment and system solutions. From a small business to national organisations, to government departments, COTEL will always come up with the cost effective solution to help your business grow.


Our Design and Engineering team will produce a range of Solutions to meet the Customers Business Requirements. These will incorporate long Term Reliability, ease of use and Energy Efficiency.

From the initial Enquiry, financial details and cost options are discussed with the client. The option to Rent or Purchase the Required Solution is provided.

Installation & Commissioning

During an extensive planning process with the customer, this work can usually be carried out during a "quiet time" for the customers business. This can be over a weekend or during the evening when normal work schedule has been complete at the Customers Organisation.

Customer Care

"Nothing Malfunctions by Appointment"

Nothing Malfunctions by Appointment a statement that exactly encapsulates the problem that all business / organisations face, as their reliance on complex Wireless Technology solutions continues to increase. The importance therefore of CUSTOMER CARE to any business investing in technology must be a fundamental requirement of their procurement process.

Likewise, CUSTOMER CARE is a fundamental part of the COTEL Business structure which provides all our Customers with a comprehensive range of Maintenance and On-site Servicing facilities whenever and wherever it is required.

COTEL CUSTOMER CARE is not just "Responsive", but "Proactive" in structure. Planned and Flexible maintenance regimes are integral to our Company operating procedures and are included as Standard for all customers whatever the size of the company. The CUSTOMER CARE Care is one of the reasons why our Customer Base has continued to grow rapidly over the past 35 years.

COTEL Quality Care ensures that our equipment continues to operate 24/7 with our unique service exchange, hot standby options and UPS facilities in case of mains failure.

Come and join the COTEL SOLUTION you will be GLAD YOU DID.

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