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On large construction projects and multilevel building refurbishment, Site Managers can gain an enormous benefit from a COTEL wireless communications system. All supervisory staff have the ability to contact their Team leaders sharing vital information and saving valuable time. For H&S reasons should accidents happen the designated 'Site 1st responders' can be instantly called to the correct location on the correct floor, saving valuable time for the injured party.

Management and organisation of road maintenance resurfacing works, however large or small, can be a 'headache' for the contractor and a nightmare for the pedestrians and motorists. Keeping the process running smoothly is an essential part of completing the work On Time and to Budget. Ensuring all road maintenance staff are working safely, organising plant and machinery operators into the correct parts of the site while keeping traffic moving is made so much Safer, Quicker and Easier with a COTEL SiteMaster communications system.


The COTEL solution allows Project Managers to communicate with their Foreman, Specialist trades and Crane drivers to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. Information can be instantly shared throughout the site with a COTEL SITEMASTER system.

Moving a large bridge structure into an exact location with a tolerance of millimetres within an urban environment requires an enormous amount of team work and planning. The COTEL encrypted secure communication system ensures that all instructions between the Crane operator and the Banksman are clear and concise. Using hands free controls ensures the crane operator is always in full control and focused on the work at hand.