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Cotel support the Aviation industry with our best airband radio solutions, for both air-to-air communications and air-to-ground communications. We provide a range of high-spec, reliable systems packed with features. All of our airband solutions are equipped with clear and powerful audio, noise reduction, intuitive interfaces, support for many COM and NAV channels, and more. Airband radios also include an emergency frequency at 121.5 MHz, known as the International Air Distress (IAD) or the "guard" frequency. On Cotel radios, this is accessed by a single button which will send out a distress signal.

air traffic control staff using radio equipment

There are several types of airband radio, all of which are provided by Cotel:

Handheld radios, carried by both pilots and Air Traffic Control staff, used to communicate between eachother and Ground Control.

Panel Mount radios, which are installed directly into aircraft and are used for pilots to communicate with Air Traffic Control.

Ground Station radios, which operate on the ground and can be used as base stations or installed into ground support vehicles.



cotel airband radio systems

Airband Hand Units are carried by both pilots and Air Traffic Control, and they are used to communicate between eachother as well as Ground Control staff. Hand Units serve as a reliable option to contact whoever you require, wherever you are, and they are packed with the same features and capabilities as two-way radio and more. Features of our hand units include:


Ground Support Vehicle radios are a type of Panel Mount/Mobile radio that are designed to be installed and used in Ground Support vehicles. The Ground Support Vehicle radio is very resemblant of a two-way Mobile Radio, and features a very similar design, operation and more. Because it is a type of airband mobile, the Ground Support radio is more powerful than hand units, and contains some of the same features and more. Features include:

Easy-to-use interface with backlit dot matrix display  •
IP54 dust and water protection  •
Priority scan and dualwatch functions  •
Power-on Password protection  •
CI-V command for external control  •
200 channels with 12 character names  •
Automatic Noise Reduction  •
Bluetooth connectivity  •
Side Tone function allows you to hear your voice via an external headset  •
On-Hook Scan function  •
12V/24V Compatible  •
Compatible with the VE-PG4 RoIP Gateway  •

cotel airband radio systems


cotel airband radio systems

Panel Mount radios are a bit like the mobile radios of the airband/aviation industry, featuring similar operation to a two-way mobile radio with advanced features and more. The A220T is a high quality Panel Mount radio. featuring many, many functions, and it can be installed into both an aircraft or a ground support vehicle. The radio provides effective communication in the air or on ground and features a slim stylish design, bright white display, enhanced squelch control and easy installation. Features include:


Ground Station radios operate on the ground, and can be used as base stations to get in touch with aircraft and traffic control. The Ground Station radio provided by Cotel is similar to our Ground Support Vehicle radio, but to optimise it's role as a base station that would be installed into an office-like environment or Air Traffic Control, it is now housed in a robust 133x185x200mm enclosure and contains it's own reliable PSU (Power Supply Unit). The Ground Station radio also features free tuning and single channel modes, as well as all the features of our Ground Support Vehicle radio, which include Scan/Dualwatch, CI-V command, Noise Reduction, Bluetooth and more. Details of our Ground Support radio can be found above.


cotel airband radio systems
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