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Food Processing and Manufacturing processes tend to be automated as much as possible to ensure maximum efficiency. This means that companies rely on machinery and a lot of maintenance work is involved in each business.
To ensure quick repair of any breakdown, a Cotel wireless radio communications solution can provide immediate notification between production and engineering throughout the business, keeping work in full flow.

Modern Production/Manufacturing processes tend to be automated as much as possible in order to ensure maximum efficiency. This implies that majority of production "tension points" relate to the engineering department and the maintenance of the process/assembly line equipment. To ensure a rapid resolution of any parts defect or breakdown, a Cotel wireless communications solution, can provide an immediate notification between production and the engineering teams operating throughout the complex. This ability enables a timely response to resolve the defects, keeping production process in full flow. In addition, M2M links can be provided to alert engineering supervisors of any change taking place in the established operating characteristics of the equipment.

Food supplement processing plant. A lot of electrical and mechanical equipment is used here including Cotel radio systems to support business.
Machine failure within food production will have cost implications on the business, in terms of down time and damage to products. A Cotel Sitemaster system enables production staff to immediately contact technical maintenance, who can communicate with stores and check on parts, all from the location of the fault. Using a Cotel Sitemaster system gives the support needed to immediately resolve faults.

Any Disruption or Machinery Failure within the Food Production process will have considerable cost implications to the Business, in terms of 'Down Time' and damage to Perishable products. A Cotel SiteMaster system will enable Production Staff to be in immediate contact with the appropriate Technical Maintenance Team, who in turn can contact their stores and check on parts availability, all from the location of the defective Machine. Using a Cotel SiteMaster system will assist in a Rapid Resolution of the defect, a substantial reduction in 'Down Time' and considerable reduction in Losses.

As automation within the food business increases, so does the need for technicians and electrical and mechanical support and services. A Cotel Sitemaster system allows maintenance technicians to respond quickly and solve defects of equipment. Staff can check for parts and availability, summon help and assistance and more in an instant with good communication.

The automated production process shown above, typifies the increasing trend over many years away from manned assembly lines to an automated production process for a wide range of products with both a high and low intrinsic values. As the number of assembly line staff reduces, there is an increasing requirement for technicians to maintain the production line equipment. A Cotel SiteMaster system will enable maintenance techs' to respond quickly and effectively to defects and alerts from the production control system. At the touch of a button maintenance staff can check on parts and availability, summon help and assistance rather than wasting valuable time looking for 'parts' and not dealing with the problem. A Cotel SiteMaster system will help reduce Downtime and Production losses.

Cotel Sitemaster systems allow for instant communication across a business.

Lapel microphones offer a solution with body worn wireless units fitted beneath the operators work wear. Additional earpieces can be used, either inside the ear defenders or an "over the ear" design.