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The vital work of Hospital Porters will literally keep a busy hospital 'Moving and Functioning'. A COTEL SiteMaster communications system will get the Portering staff to the Right location at the Right time. Work tasks can be conveyed to each operative either by voice or text message or a combination of the both. In addition, each COTEL SiteMaster unit has the Operator Welfare Monitoring System programmed as standard. "Group call" systems have the benefit of enabling each Porter to work as a member of the "The Team", rather than an isolated individual. Also, as a Team member they are able to contribute to the efficient operation of the Department.



NHS security staff perform a wide range of essential functions, including safety of patients, visitors and staff, patrolling the hospital grounds and dealing with incidents which might threaten the security of staff and patients are just a few. Security incidents happen in a moment. To aid security teams in their efforts a hospital wide radio communications system has been installed by COTEL. This solution provides saturation coverage of the whole hospital site both internally from basement to top floor, and throughout the hospital grounds. COTEL equipment as shown above has Emergency Man Down and Lone worker functions as standard.

The vital work of Porters literally makes a hospital 'move and function'. Without the sterling efforts of the Porting staff hospitals would grind to a halt. From moving patients on trolleys or by wheelchair, replacing oxygen cylinders, taking blood for analysis and distributing linen, the list is endless. Due to the volume of demand upon the Porting staff an efficient and effective wide area communication system installed by COTEL is imperative to ensure an efficient and effective response to Ward demand. The COTEL equipment used has Emergency, Man Down and Lone Worker functions as standard.

Hospital Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures need to be of the highest standards, in order to avoid any possibility of patient infection. Cleaning High risk areas such as operating theatres can be managed in a planned way. However, the management of body fluid spills are clearly unplanned. Using the COTEL SiteMaster system will enable cleaning staff to be redirected quickly and effectively to an area of contamination without delay. A COTEL SiteMaster system is an essential tool within the Hospital cleaning department.

Care Homes cater to a wide range of senior citizens, who may have a wide range of Physical and Mental issues. Care home staff are constantly providing person centred care and support to each clients specific requirements. In order to maximise the use of Very Busy staff in an efficient and effective manner a COTEL SiteMaster system has been invaluable in many Private and Community care homes. The COTEL systems can be configured to the customers preferred method of management. Majority of customers opt for a group call system, in order for individual supervisors and staff to communicate with each other without the necessity for a single control point. This arrangement provides optimum flexibility and Greater Team building.