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Trained Engineers

24/7/365 InstallatioN & Repairs

Nothing Malfunctions By Appointment to ensure permanent up-time on Cotel systems, we provide a 24/7/365 servicing facility.

Asphalt Plant at night

Asphalt Plant at Day.

Bell dumper truck

Installing wireless communications technology into Bell dumper truck during night shift.

Servicing And Maintenance

Experienced mobile and workshop technicians have the latest test equipment, manufacturer product experience and decades of industrial knowledge to resolve technical issues.

Engineer servicing equipment

Final testing once service call has been completed.

engineer working

Service technician completing QA tests after repair.

engineer working at height on a transmitter tower

Meet our colleague Malcolm, on another day at his 'office'. An efficient correctly installed and maintained aerial system is an essential component (and greatly under appreciated) of any wireless communications system.

RFA Lyme Bay docked

On-Site Servicing at the customer premises - keeps everyone in touch with the action... and in control of their business.


Servicing down to component level