Data over Radio/RoIP


A new digital/analogue radio designed for mobile or base station use. As well as being a powerful, compact radio, one of the main features of this new type of radio is the Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable connection between the main radio unit and the remote-control Command Mic. This allows you to fully use the radio station at a distance of up to 100 metres from the central unit. The purpose of this radio is to be able to have a remotely-operated mobile radio over an IP network, as shown on the diagram to the left.


The WiFi Standard 802.11 has grown massively with popularity over the years and coverage is becoming more pronounced. For businesses that operate within a WiFi area, Radio over IP is a great solution where traditional point-to-point radio communications are limited by building structures that attenuate radio propagation.

Radio over IP uses an Internet Protocol to transfer packets of voice around a network, fairly similar to cell phones as the access points/routers act as masts. Due to the nature of WiFi, RoIP devices require less power to transmit and therefore can be smaller while still having great lasting battery capacity.

Wireless LAN Radio


The WLAN Radio Handset is a compact two-way radio handset that operates using your WiFi network. It can be used as part of a wider WLAN radio network, allowing you to use your local LAN to implement a communications system that can scale up to even the largest buildings. Unlike traditional PMR radios, because the WLAN Radio uses existing WLAN instead of radio frequencies, it doesn't require a license.

The IP100FS dispatch software allows you to keep track of each IP110H radio from a central location showing you each IP110H and which LAN access point it is closest to. It is also possible to communicate with a dispersed site using an Internet VPN and link with conventional radios and IP phones using the optional VE-PG4 RoIP gateway.


For expanding and reinforcing coverage throughout the WiFi network, the AP-95M wireless access point ensures the handset will work in those wireless black spots. The AP-95M, compatible with high-speed WiFi standards, creates a 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band WLAN with up to 16 SSID’s using the Virtual AP (VLAN) function. The AP-95M can be used as a single access point or as part of a larger network, and it has been developed for IP Advanced Radio Systems and general usage.



Once the wireless setup is complete, for the entire system to function the controller unit (IP1000C) is required. The controller unit connects all the access points to a single point where the voice traffic is automatically controlled. Plus, third-party access points can also be used with the controller. The communicator also acts as a bridge where a dispatchers computer can be interconnected.

The Radio over IP network is capable of so much more when linked with the multi-connection controller (VE-PG4).

Remote Communicator


The desktop microphone (SM-25) and desktop PTT microphone adapter (CT-23) are required to talk to RoIP users.

For dispatchers, the remote communicator (IP100FS) software package allows users to use a virtual radio to speak with other users, as a group or by making individual calls, as well as having the ability to send text messages. The software package also enables users to see what radio stations are connected to each access point once a map has been setup.


Data over Radio

Application of data modem

General Purpose Data Modem

IC-F5122DD transceiver


This transceiver allows point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication. One radio can communicate with another radio or multiple units with Individual, Group and All Data calls. The radio may also be useful for telemetry and low-speed supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).


Application Examples

Radio over IP Gateway

The RoIP Gateway is a device that allows many different communications systems to work together, including the connection of remote RoIP networks and many different radio and telephony systems. It is also possible to communicate with a dispersed site using an Internet VPN and link with conventional radios and IP phones using the VE-PG4 RoIP Gateway.

For information on the RoIP Gateway and it's benefits, click here.


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