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Wireless Emergency Alert System


NEXUS Emergency wireless alarm system uses a secure wireless mesh protocol to provide a long range, robust system, designed to alert personnel to anything from: threat, fire, danger or emergency. A combination of loud audible tones and flashing lamps will ensure safety is always maintained. With a wireless range of 1km line of sight between units, and a maximum of 16 mesh hops, NEXUS has a potential range of 16km. There is a maximum of 64 units per site, and when one NEXUS unit is activated, it will trigger ALL units in range to sound an audible emergency message, accompanied by a flashing beacon light.

Manufactured in the UK

Wireless Alert Masthead
Battery LifeUp to 3 years with low battery alert via masthead
Reception RangeUp to 1 Km line of sight per hop
AerialSupplied with 50 ohm helical
Weather RatingIP66 for external units / IP54 for internal units
HousingEnclosure & Sounder ABS, Call Point Polycarbonate
Decibel level for SounderAdjustable from 86 dBa to 117 dBa
Decibel level for EnunciatorTypically 100 dBa

The NEXUS wireless alert system from COTEL is aimed at schools, colleges, sport centres and other places where public access is provided. In the event of an incident requiring rapid action onsite, it can provide immediate action by first responders designated by the organisation.

Ideal For

Silent Testing

Silent test mode functionality is built in to minimise disruption and can be activated from any one of the NEXUS units using the key switch, or remotely when using an IP Masthead.

Battery Saving Technology

Intelligent power saving technology ensures a long battery life of up to three years, keeping service calls to a minimum and reducing the environmental impact. A low battery alert is available via the IP Masthead, as well as on each unit.

Diagram showing how multiple Nexus units can interlink via wireless mesh protocol
The physical dimensions of the Nexus masthead units