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COTEL have a wide range of wireless communications solutions designed to aid the safety and security of teaching staff. Other departments which themselves contribute to a successful and efficient Educational Campus, such as: Grounds Staff, Building Maintenance, Cleaning, Catering, Security, Vending and Post Distribution are all able to have a massive boost to their efficiency by using an integrated Cotel wireless solution within their respective departments.

Students in a corridor

Cleaning, Grounds and Maintenance staff are vital to the appearance and upkeep of a busy campus. Wireless communications between departments allows supervisors to liaise with their staff and prioritise actions to resolve defects in a proactive manner.

A range of Cotel radios

Within the Educators Domain, Cotel Wireless Technology will make an enormous improvement in the overall Efficiency of any Department.

Cooking class

Evening classes are a great way to learn new skills and develop new interests and hobbies. However, looking at the practical aspects of college staff securing a large campus during dark late evenings, with the minium of staff produces it own health and safety issues. COTEL provide a unique range of lone worker equipment specifically designed for this application.

Refer to tracking (Lone worker section) for comprehensive details.

Adult learning class

The Cotel Lone Worker equipment has a range of emergency calling functions, built in motion sensors which detect vertical and horizontal axis, state of motion and non-motion of the Operator. These COTEL products ensure that all employers are meeting their obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999.

Refer to our HEALTH AND SAFETY section for comprehensive details.