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Combine harvester


Row of tractors with Cotel van

Farming businesses come in many shapes and sizes, from a Family business, operating within their local area to National Farming Organisations growing a wide variety of produce.

Row of tractors with Cotel van

The Cotel Farming solution developed with Rowe Farming (part of Greenvale Group), enabled Team Leaders to be in contact with each other to manage their manpower and machinery resources effectively.

Two green tractors

All farm Machinery, Maintenance Teams and Management Supervisors have access to each other. Over 850 full and part-time staff working over 600 hectares spread throughout Cornwall, is an enormous task made more manageable with the High-Quality Radio Communications structures from COTEL.

Workers picking flowers

Workers Health and Safety is constantly monitored with the COTEL SiteMaster unit; instant communications between Team Leaders and their Team.

Man using radio

For majority of Family Farming Businesses the need to multitask to survive is essential. Their working mobile plant, tractors or combined harvesters will also double as their Office, Dining Room, Information Centre, Communications Hub and Sales office. The Cotel Solution enables the Farm owner to be in contact with their staff over a wide area of operation, whether working on their own land or Farm Contract work for other Farming Organisations. This ability to communicate, is essential in terms of Health and Safety issues, responding to machinary defects, and the efficient conduct of the Business. The Cotel Solution for this customer provided a wide area Repeater Facility offering County wide coverage between all mobile plant. Handheld options for on-farm communications and channel access to the mobile plant via the repeater are standard options provided by Cotel.

Range of radios

Keep in Touch with the Action... And in Control of your Business.