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Smart Signal Boosters

Cel-Fi GO X for Buildings and Remote Places. Built for indoor / outdoor tough to reach spaces. This 100 dB gain signal booster is ideal for use in commercial properties, government buildings, agricultural settings, small manufacturing operations, rural areas, businesses, and large homes.

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Network Safe

Self-organising edge intelligence ensures that Cel-Fi GO do not interfere with other indoor wireless products such as Wi-Fi routers, Small Cells, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). High speed Automatic Gain Control ensures that Cel-Fi GO are unconditionally network safe, and enables more simultaneous calls and higher data speeds.

IntelliBoostâ„¢ Chipset

The Nextivity IntelliBoostâ„¢ baseband processor is the first six-core processor designed specifically to optimise the indoor transmission and reception of 3G and 4G wireless signals. With advanced filtering, equalisation and echo-cancellation techniques, Nextivity has developed an architecture which delivers unprecedented in-building data rates and pervasive 3G and 4G connectivity. The IntelliBoostâ„¢ processor ensures that Cel-Fi products never negatively impact the mobile network while providing maximum coverage.

Aerial Options

Wideband Directional Aerial

Omnidirectional Aerial

Aerial Panel

MIMO Aerial